Thursday, February 14, 2013

Toy Fair 2013: Curious About NeuroSky

Curious About: Do you remember MindFlex? Ever wonder how they could make the ball move with just brainwaves?  Is it a hoax or is it cutting-edge technology? Apparently, one of the uses of this NeuroSky's products is that folks (including kids) can use their device and program to train themselves to focus better and also to calm themselves more effectively.  The technology will help you.  What can I say?

THAT WOULD TRULY BE SOOOOOOOO AMAZING!  Especially when I hear that some of their products cost just $99!  They have other products that cost even less than that. Still, you think that is too much?  I guess since I haven't tried it yet, I can't say anything for sure but other focus-training computer programs that I've heard of cost more than that so..... I'm interested.  Aren't you?

I heard about Neocomimi from Number 5's mom.  Could it be true? Ears flop when you are feeling kinda mopey.

No trick wires on top of the helicopter!!!  I checked!


Seriously. My brain activity represented on screen. And I'm not in the hospital???

Sorry So Sloppy Note: To bring you as many images as possible, I've decided to skip writing estimated availability dates and prices.  I'd feel awful if I made a mistake.  Feel free to leave a question in the comments box and I'll try my best to get it answered.  Also, look through the company website as well since some products are already available but please note that some are not.  Sorry So Sloppy. Hope you understand! 

Want it now on Amazon?  At the time of publication, I found some to be on Amazon.  This is not the full product line.  Just a couple of links:

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