Monday, February 18, 2013

Toy Fair 2013 Little Things Equal Big Fun

This is not a little thing but look at what it can do with lots of them. Lay-n-Go is awesome.  It allows for them to play their way but for the parents to be able to see a clean floor once they're finished.

WHAT: Things You Can Do with Little Toys
Curious About: Plus Plus, littleBits, Lay-N-Go, Radz

littleBits stick together magnetically.  This is the first time I got to really play with them.  I always see them at the Maker Faire but I would have had to snatch them from kids' hands.
Looks quite safe. Doesn't look like any soldering is required.
At Toy Fair, we were allowed to take one home but I had to ask the nice Radz PR person for two.  If I came home with only one, surely one child would be in the hospital by evening. It's hard to share these guys.   Look how cute the dispensing action is!!!!  There are apps and more.  I am not into my kids eating tons of candy but I like how you can only get one at a time.  I wonder if there was a way to make this a school fundraiser.... it would be a hit!!
My son said this looks like Minecraft.  How? I don't know but I just think it looks absolutely adorable. Is that chartreuse tile in the new pastel colored Plus Plus?  I think Plus Plus should start selling by the color.... what do you think? 
How cool are the Plus Plus people? Look what you can do with them.  My son said this is a "Creeper"  I do not understand the magic of Minecraft but it really is magic.

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  1. I need that mat! My son has a futon chair in his room and he hauls it onto the floor every day to play on it!

    And we really need that Kreeper, we love all things Minecraft at our house. Thanks for the great post!

  2. I've been thinking about getting one of these for my son! So happy to see it reviewed here!

  3. Katie, which one are you referring to?