Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Toy Fair 2013: Curious About: First Bike

Most balance bikes are made of wood.  This company puts a serious question to that by making bikes out of a material that is more weather resistant. SMART!
WHAT: First Bike
Curious About:This bike is not only a balance bike but it also becomes a bike-ski for young kids. 

The makers told me that the wheel in the back helps to make it so that the child is not going too fast.

I still can't get over this design.  How new and exciting!

Love these colors. 

Sorry So Sloppy Note: To bring you as many images as possible, I've decided to skip writing estimated availability dates and prices.  I'd feel awful if I made a mistake.  If you are curious about something, send me a message or leave a comment here.  Also, look through the company website as well since some products are already available.  Sorry So Sloppy. Hope you understand! 


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  1. Love these. Especially the baskets! My daughter recently received a wooden-framed balance bike. I too have questioned the weather-resistance of the treated wood. We've been very careful to keep the bike in the garage (or trunk) as I am afraid what wet/cold might do to it!