Thursday, February 21, 2013

Toy Fair 2013: Curious About: Yo-Mega

This YO-YO comes back to you.  I had no idea auto-return yo-yos even existed. Did you? 

WHAT: Yo-Mega
Curious About: Power Brain XP is for the newbies but they have more yo-yos for you as you get better and better. 

I wonder if Yo-Mega is pronounced Yo-Maygah or Yo-Meggah.   I forgot to ask.  All I know is that I am fascinated by Yo-Yos and yet I have NEVER been able to do it.  I don't know about you but to me, yo-yo toys are brain-friendly.  I can't tell you how I think so but you don't have to be a neurobiologist to know that this is good-for-you.  The trouble is, how do you get a kid hooked when all he does is play Minecraft all day long?

I wish I had the answer to that question but I'm willing to find out.  And I think the Power Brain XP by Yo-Mega will help me.  Why? Because the yo-yo will come back.  It will!  I swear!  Oh, you knew that already?  Well, I didn't and if I didn't then there are others who did not so there.

Yo-Mega claims to have a yo-yo for every level and I wondered... if the yo-yo comes back, how will you know that you are really picking it up?  Well, I tried it on the show floor and all I can say is that it helps but you are still doing the work.  But that's all I know for now.  I'm excited to try it out!


And with this video, I conclude the Toy Fair coverage.  I think it's fitting to end it with a modern-looking classic toy.  Speaking of looking... check out these yo-yo tricks by Brett Dutchcunis!  Love the elevator.  I really want to learn this for myself!!!

Sorry So Sloppy Note: To bring you as many images as possible, I've decided to skip writing estimated availability dates and prices.  I'd feel awful if I made a mistake.  If you are curious about something, send me a message or leave a comment here.  Also, look through the company website as well since some products are already available. 

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