Saturday, February 23, 2013

Toy Fair 2013: Curious About: Pressman Toy

The winners of the Braintwister Challenge showed me how to play.  It looks challenging and yet fun!

WHAT: Pressman Toy
Curious About: Mastermind, The Trash Pack Flip and Filth Game, Rummikub, Ruzzle, Diary of a Wimpy Kid-Don't Scramble the Egg

I nearly forgot to post this!!!  Couldn't close my Toy Fair coverage without featuring the two winners of the Pressman Toy first annual Mastermind Braintwister Challenge.  There is nothing better than asking the only kids at the fair, what they thought was really cool.  Surprisingly or not surprisingly, one game that they seemed to enjoy the most was a visual motor/physics game that had an ample amount of plain ol' fashioned silliness.

Pressman Toy partnered up with Moose Toys to bring us this The Trash Pack, Flip and Filth Game.  It was fun playing with the Mastermind Braintwister Challenge Winners, Sophi Schneider of Dresher, PA and Gaurov Bansol of Stamford, CT

This is a prototype of the new game, Ruzzle.  Another app-to-real-life hopeful.

Gaurov Bansal, one of the young winners,  of the Mastermind BrainTwister Challenge Event (see video above) told me that these interested him.  My son felt the same way on a recent visit to a toy store.  They do look cute.  

This looked like a really fun and educational game!

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