Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Toy Fair 2013: Curious About: Learning Resources

I love electronic games like this.  It uses music and movement to refine math skills.  It's also a single purpose electronic game.  That means you don't have to worry that they will switch to another app when you are not looking.
WHAT: Learning Resources
Curious About: Multiplication Slam, iTrax, Nancy B's Science Club and so much more...

Learning Resources had so many recorders, buzzers and timers and stopwatches there!  Just in case you don't know what they sound like, here is a video where I press a whole bunch of them.  I wonder if you can do that on their website.  These buzzers are so much fun!  I was allowed to take two sample buzzers home and my two boys pressed them forever. I think these buzzers could come in handy in so many situations. 
This looks like a visual discrimination game.  Love those.

Will presenting science tools to girls this way get more girls involved in STEM subjects?

Not a shade of pink in sight.  Goodness!  That's a plus and I don't even have any daughters.  Must as Tester #5 and #6 for their thoughts.  I bet their moms will be grateful that it's not pink.
An Aquascope?  What's that? Looks neat!

I wonder how this compares to the other ones out there. 

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