Monday, February 25, 2013

Review+Giveaway: doodle duvet: Good Design Breeds Creativity

Today, it's butterflies. Tomorrow, it could be "I love Justin Bieber."  What can I say? This is a duvet cover that allows all of us to change our minds.

WHAT: doodle duvet cover by doodle by Stitch
DOES: Draw with markers onto your gorgeous duvet cover made of 100% cotton. THEN... wash it out to doodle again! It comes out in the wash so that your child may be inspired to CREATE AGAIN and again and again and again...
INVEST:  $62.61 (comes with a pack of double-tipped, wash-out markers)
AGES: whatever age kids are allowed to have twin-size blankets for sleep. 2+ maybe?
TOOLS: Express Yourself, Family Fix-its, Fertilize Responsibility and Courtesy, Holiday/Birthday Build-Uponner, Foment Love of Language
GIVEAWAY:  Win your own set of twin size duvet cover + markers (U.S. Only)

When I was fifteen, I wanted to move out of my house. I was experiencing typical teen angst and campaigned to my mother to let me live in my own apartment in Manhattan (HA!) because I went to school there even though I lived far away.  In truth, my long commute never bothered me.  I think I just wanted to live on my own so that I could smoke cigarettes and invite my friends over.  Still, my mother never got me that apartment.  What was I thinking. 

Kids Need Variety Too 

But maybe she saw that I was in need of some change so instead, she totally re-did my room. In just a couple of weeks, she had someone paint the walls, redo the flooring, and she even bought me new furniture.  Everything was black and white, just like I wanted (it was the eighties, ok?) And although, it didn't necessarily erase all my teenage problems, getting a room makeover did wonders for me.  I really liked being home more. My mother is so smart.

Draw what is in your heart and mind.  There are no right answers.

There is nothing like a fresh start to get excited about life again.  I thought about that as I contemplated reviewing the doodle duvet cover by doodle by Stitch. Coincidentally, Number 6 recently redecorated her room and so she was a perfect candidate.

Two dudes from California.  Number 6 is on the left.

Here are some amazing uses we've found!

Sweeping Sleepover Success

Now that everyone has caller ID, what do kids do instead of making prank calls to classmates of the opposite sex?  Come 'on... you know you did it.  Number 6 is still a little too young to be doing that anyway but her mom was so happy to lay this out for her daughter's slumber party.  And, she was a little worried because she didn't wash it out right away but a week later, she did and IT WAS ALL GONE.  Of course, it was!  I trust doodle by Stitch. Their doodle tablecloth ROCKS!

Reports from testers say that these markers are great because they make fine details with the fine tip but the thick tip on the opposite side is used to color in drawings.  

Messages from the Heart

I love how you can do so much with this.  I have lunchbox notes that I use from time to time. I really should do it more often but at least if you have a blank slate like this, you can surprise your groggy child with a heartfelt message (on test days... on presentation days... on a day after an argument...)

Maybe I should get this for my bed as they do come in larger sizes. Then I will tape a marker to my husband's hand so that he may be inspired to write me a note. 

This is the kind of note he'd be writing to me on a weekend morning.  On weekdays, he'd probably write, "Honey, don't buy another toy today, okay, please?  College is not free."

Creative Products Encourage Creativity

I can't finish this review without talking about the design. Good design can do magic.  When you look at it, you might wonder why it's just not one huge blank slate. But I love that it resembles the kind of paper our children see everyday.  Familiarity is important and yet what is great is that the kids never use notebook paper that is THAT big!  Thus, there are no expectations, no directions.. basically no rules.  You are free to create without real boundaries.  To me, the lines are there to help a child feel organized enough to tackle a huge canvasWhen do kids ever get to draw on such a huge surface?

Number 6, a lovely young miss who is probably on her iPad a bit too much is now, as her mother reports, definitely drawing more. (not just the bed, but on paper that is)  She actually is quite talented and so whose mother wouldn't want to encourage such a thing?  It's so great that the doodle duvet cover has increased the frequency of an already wonderful activity of hers!  

She drew this at age 6!  I think we should doodle-ize her entire room so that she can be encouraged to keep drawing... don't you?
Speaking of good habits, for a night-time story, Number 6 will write her own story on her duvet cover and then read it with her mom right before bed.  How marvelous is that?  Her mother told me, "It's certainly big enough that she could write a long story and draw pics to go with them. Really there are tons of options.Creative products that procreate creativity?  That is genius. 

My plea to the designers: If you are ever going to make another cover style, I would love love love a comic book style.  Maybe one side has more boxes and one side has less boxes like a beginner and an intermediate level all in one duvet cover!

See this position? Occupational therapists really like it. I think it is because it helps with building shoulder strength and you need that for improving fine motor work! Cool! 

And now here's your chance to win your very own doodle duvet cover!  How cool is this???  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below!

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  1. I think the table cloth would be a great idea and family keepsake. Bring it out on holidays and keep adding to it. As long a no one spills!

  2. I think the placemats are nice. Gives kids something to do at dinner parties if they have to wait. I think they should make bags and sweaters.

  3. i like the placements and tablecloth. Great for kid friendly parties and another added party activity

  4. doodle duvet - double UK size

  5. I really like the doodle tablecloth and placemats. I would also like a "doodle wall"!

    Kari R.