Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Toy Fair 2013: Curious About: Schylling

New, not yet available..... sigh....

WHAT: Schylling
Curious About: Erector, Brio (they have a lot of toys but I was focusing on these two in particular.)

What is Evolution?  The holes are closer together. 

You might be encouraged to buy a big set at first but try with the smaller ones. 

I didn't know Brio makes labyrinths!  This one looks really great for visual motor skills but also it encourages a child to think before he moves.

Sorry So Sloppy Note: To bring you as many images as possible, I've decided to skip writing estimated availability dates and prices.  I'd feel awful if I made a mistake.  Feel free to leave a question in the comments box and I'll try my best to get it answered.  Also, look through the company website as well since some products are already available.  Sorry So Sloppy. Hope you understand! 

 Want it now on Amazon?  At the time of publication, I found some to be on Amazon.  As noted Schylling has tons more products that what is mentioned in this post. Here is my link:

Disclosure: Toys are Tools has NOT been compensated by the manufacturer in exchange for the publication of this post. 

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